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Creating a Bundle

Use the to start the Bundle Creation Wizard.

Select Products

  1. The first step is to Select Products from the modal dialog box. You can either search for a specific product or scroll through the list and choose the product. The product list can be cycled using these buttons present at the bottom of the list.
  2. Once you have selected the products for your Bundle, click on the present at the bottom right of the modal dialog box.
  3. Upon pressing the modal dialog box will close and you can see a new section titled “Setup Discount for Bundle”.

Setup Discount

To setup discount, you need to select a type of discount that will be applied on the Bundle
  • Fixed Amount on Bundle - Offer a fixed value discount on the total. Eg. $10 off on Bundle Price.
  • Fixed Percentage on Bundle - Offer a fixed percentage discount on the total. Eg. 10% off on the Bundle Price.
  • Fixed Discount on Individual Products - Set a fixed value discount for each product separately.
  • Percentage Discount on Individual Products - Set a fixed percentage discount for each product separately.

Configure Bundle

  1. The second step provides a couple of configuration settings for your New Bundle. You can give your Bundle a convenient name for reference later when you have multiple bundles in the app.
  2. In this step, you can also decide if you want to show the Bundle Widget on each Product Page of the products present in this bundle. Use the switch to Enable Bundle Widget on Product Page. Select the location of the Bundle Widget in the section below the switch. The widget can either be placed in the Product Description Section or it can be added in the Product Recommendation section.
  3. Once the configuration step is finished, press the

Create Bundle Widget

  1. The final step is to Create a Widget for your Bundle. Use the to choose a widget design from the list to assign to your Bundle.
  2. Click on a suitable widget skin from the list and it will be selected and assigned to your bundle.
  3. Click on the to save your newly created Bundle. You will be taken to the Homepage with a table showing your Bundle in a list format.

Manually embed a Bundle Widget on a Page of your store

  1. Bundle Widgets can be easily added on Product Pages by either enabling it from the app or using newly introduced Shopify App Blocks in Customize Theme section. But our app also provides you with some freedom to add your Bundle Widget on Pages or Blog Posts.
  2. Click on the “Bundle Preferences” option in the sidebar to go to the Bundle List on the Hompage. Find the bundle which you want to embed on the page from the table.
  3. Once you have found your bundle, click on this icon, present in the same row of that bundle.
  4. Copy the embed code presented in a modal dialog box.
  5. Go to Shopify Admin >> Online Store >> Pages.
  6. Open the page you want to place the Bundle Widget in.
  7. In the page editor click this   icon to switch to HTML Editor.
  8. Paste the copied embed code in the HTML Editor.
  9. Save the changes. The Bundle Widget is now embedded on that page.

How to test Bundle App


App doesn't leave a trace on uninstallation. You can simply remove the app from your apps in Shopify Admin as given in Shopify Documentation